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 Tangolera Shoes

Besides being beautiful, elegant, colorful and styleful,  Tangolera (ex-Bandolera shoes) are above all extremely comfortable, with a padded sole in the ladies shoes, and a heel made of elastic material in most men’s shoes, that give dancers the possibility to dance for many hours, without experiencing any pain in the feet.


Tangolera shoes are hand-made in Italy, with the best quality of leathers and other materials. The designs range from very classical till original, creative and playful models. Most ladies shoes are available in 2 heel heights: 9 or 7 cm, some models have a heel of 8 cm, while the training shoes are 4 cm high.

In La Tangueria we permanently expose about 100 and in La Luna about 50 pairs in different models and sizes, that are directly for sale.


The pairs cost between 135 and 150€, which is 20% cheaper than most other brands sold in Belgium.

Fidelity prime: buy 10 pairs of Tangolera shoes and get the 11th pair for free.


rossaspinaoutfit1Rossa Spina tango clothes

From the same designer as the Tangolera tango shoes, Rossa Spina tango clothes are conquering the world. Rossa Spina produces delicious outfits, comfortable to dance, easy to wash and needless to iron.

They put emphasis on the femininity of each woman and are elegant and seductive… They are perfect to dance tango, but you can wear them for other occasions also… even to get married!

Each skirt, dress or top is made in a limited number, so the chance to see more than one lady with the same outfit in a milonga, is very limited. There is a constant renewal of models and fabrics, mostly in one-size-fits-all.

Rossa Spina also has a consistent collection of trousers for men, both elegant and casual, including blue, grey and black jeans.

La Tangueria and La Luna permanently expose a collection of about 50 models from Rossa Spina.

Prices range from 50€ for a classical skirt or top, to 110€ for more elaborated dresses. Men trousers start at 90€.

If you do not have a Rossa Spina outfit yet, just try it! You will love it forever…


Practical information

  • The shoes and clothes can be tried and purchased during the opening hours, i.e. during the milongas, at the practicas or when there are weekly classes (check the dates on our agenda).
  • We don’t accept cheques, credit or bank cards. The shoes and clothes can be paid cash only and there is no money dispenser in the direct neighbourhood.
  • About once every 6 weeks we place a new order of shoes. You can choose your own pair from the Tangolera website, send us an e-mail with the name, size, heel height, and collect them some time later in La Tangueria or La Luna. It is also possible to order outfits from



Do you have questions or a special request? Mail to or call us at +32 (0) 479 22 86 98.



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