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LA Milonga del Domingo

Oliver and Marisa started organizing milongas in 1996. In the beginning, there were the memorable Saturday nights at La Roseraie, later on Sunday afternoons were added at CC Ons Huis and GC De Markten. Since 2006, our own venue La Tangueria hosts most of our tango events. Traditionally, our Sunday’s thé dansants are among Brussels best and most visited tango happenings. Every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month from 17h till 22h, LA Milonga del domingo  is the place 2B4 the best Tango in town., at La Tangueria, THE house of Tango Argentino in Belgium:

  • a spacious, beautiful dancing room with party lightning, mirrors and the best wooden floor in town
  • a separate, cosy bar area with fair prices and a friendly atmosphere
  • the best DJs playing in tandas and cortinas tandas et cortinas
  • the largest showroom of tango shoes and clothes in Belgium
  • a permanent tango art exposition.

Generally the musical choice at the milongas in La Tangueria is rather traditional. LA Milonga del Domingo in La Tangueria in average reunites about 80 till 120 tangueros of all levels and horizons, and it has the reputation of being the event where the best tangueros and tangueras of Belgium meet to dance together. Nevertheless, La Tangueria also warmly welcomes less experienced and beginning dancers, as well as visitors and observers. The milongas are open to all, only the workshops and coaching sessions before require previous reservation.

More detailed information of each event in La Tangueria is posted on our Facebook page and on our Agenda.

Clip of a milonga filmed in La Tangueria videoclip milongatangueria

Entrance fees

  • Regular: 10€ pp, 1 drink included (except for special editions with live music or exhibitions).
  • Students under 26 years: 8€ pp.
  • Visitors and observers (non-dancers): 6€ pp.
  • Milonga Pass for 1 year: 150€ pp.

Practilongas in La Tangueria

For students and close friends of La Tangueria, once in a while on Saturday night from 20h to midnight, we offer a more intimate and informal practilonga. This concept halfway between a practica and a milonga, aims to gather the friends of La Tangueria and make them dance, practice, analyze, discuss, change partners and roles, share a drink, order a pizza… with their tango friends.

At the practilongas we stimulate the dancers to take risks by inviting strangers and dancers of other levels. We encourage women to ask men and to try to lead, and men to try the experience to follow and to accept the invitations of ladies and other men.

Marisa & Oliver and the other teachers of La Tangueria are often there to dance with the students, answer questions, help, discuss, talk about music, relationships, the social aspect of tango…

During practicilongas we sometimes offer free animations, like an initiation to the chacarera or the rock ‘n roll, a demonstration, etc.

Neolongas in La Tangueria

Since October 2017, we organise a few times per year a Neolonga in La Tangueria. At these rather open-minded events, we dance mainly or exclusively to nuevo, neo or non-tango music, sometimes also in the dark. For more information click on the link below.
> Charter of the Neolonga & Nocturna.

A place to dance, socialise, try shoes….

Tangolera rossaspina

The milongas in La Tangueria are also a perfect opportunity, while you take a drink in our cosy club space, to choose, try and buy new shoes or clothes from our permanent collection of Tangolera shoes and Rossa Spina tango clothes. To those who buy shoes or clothes during the milonga, we offer the entrance fee (or an equivalent discount).

Rules and codes

The balls in La Tangueria are relaxed and open-minded. We don’t impose dress codes, all dancers (ladies also) may invite by mirada and cabeceo, as well as verbally.

Female leaders and male followers are encouraged. To gain space, we incite the close abrazo, but a more open style is also practiced. Everybody is welcome. There is only one, very simple rule: please respect the other dancers. 😉
For more information on the worldwide habits and codigos of the milongas, visit our section about tango facts.

Musical style and DJs

Our house DJ is Oliver Koch, but we regularly invite other renown Tango Disc Jockeys from Belgium and abroad as well. The music is played in tandas and cortinas, mainly traditional, but not exclusively. Every year, we propose one milonga with music played from original vinyls by Belgian’s most international DJ, Jens Ingo Brodesser.

barkaartBar prices

To avoid the hassle with coins, we propose bar cards of 10 cases with ‘shoes’ for 7€. To pay a drink separately in cash is a little more expensive.

  • Water, tea: 2 shoes (or 1,50€ cash)
  • Espresso, soft drinks, gimber, fruit juices: 3 shoes (or 2,20€ cash)
  • Pils, blanche, apple cake: 4 shoes (or 3€ cash)
  • Wine, special beers: 5 shoes (or 3,50€ cash)
  • Cava, toast: 6 shoes (or 4,50€ cash)
  • Empanada: 7 shoes (or 5€ cash)

Milongas in the tango holidays in hotels

During our several tango holidays in Italy, we propose open milongas in the hotel. Each week, there is at least one big open milonga with exhibitions of the teachers and tango shoes and clothes sales.

E2S_3412It is possible for a limited number of tangueros who are not staying at the hotel to join some of these milongas. Each milonga requires a reservation for non-hotel guests, by calling or sending a message by 15h the same day to: +32 479 22 86 98 (Marisa).


Practical information

  • Unless stated otherwise, all milongas, practilongas, etc. take place in La Tangueria.
  • Out of respect for our neighbors, please respect the peace and order in the courtyard. Cars, motorcycles and scooters are not allowed to enter the yard.
  • The entry fee, bar cards, shoes and clothes can only be paid cash. We don’t accept cheques, credit or bank cards.
  • For more details about all milongas in Belgium, check


Do you have questions or a special request? Mail to or call us at +32 (0) 479 22 86 98.



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