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Improve your musicality & technique

A series of classes to deepen your musical listening, as well as the recognition of the main tango orchestras, their richness and peculiarities, and consequently to improve your musicality in the dance.

  • a series of 6 online classes lasting 40-60 minutes per session, taught by leading teachers of La Tangueria Marisa and Oliver
  • suitable for all levels, it is a very useful tool already for the beginner tangonaut, and a real must for more advanced dancers
  • available in English and French 
  • clear explanations of different musical aspects of tango (melody, rhythm, syncopations, arrastre, rubato…)
  • musical analysis and accompanied in-depth listening to the main orchestas típicas of the época de oro
  • individual practical exercises for leaders and followers (no partner required): bodywork and posture, motricity, fluidity, speed, coordination, adornos, etc… a small space of 2 m2 is enough to follow the practical exercises at home.
  • learn the different techniques and styles of caminata to the different types of music
  • parallelism between the musical styles and the styles of tango dance (milonguero, tango de salón, modern)
  • possibility to ask questions by e-mail to the teachers
  • each session can be followed several times, and in both languages.
  • good investment: only 45€ per person for the 6 course package

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We really enjoyed your online technique and musicality courses. We learned a lot about tango music, the different orchestras, how to distinguish between them and how to adapt our dance style to the different styles of music. Excellent balance between theory and practice. What a great way to stay in touch with tango in these difficult times. Highly recommended!

Highly recommended, get your own package! We really enjoyed the lessons! They added to our knowledge of tango and the exercises / practical suggestions from Oliver and Marisa are wonderful! Thank you again!

One year already without tango… ☹️ Thank you Marisa van Andel and Oliver Koch for your interesting online lessons on tango music… A must for every tango dancer…


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