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Room Ground Floor

  • Size: +/- 110 m2.
  • Maximum capacity: 100 people standing, about 70 sitting.
  • Permanent equipment: sprung floor, mirrors, air conditioning, air extractor, fans.
  • Installation: party lights, audio console with 4 speakers, CD players, cable for laptop, big screen…
  • Additional possibilities: 4 folding tables for 15 persones each, 40 folding chairs.
  • WC and bar/kitchen with 2 fridges, sink, water heater, coffee percolator nearby.
  • This room can be completely obscured.

JP Bataille


until 3 hours 135€
half a day (until 6 hours) 250€
full day (until 8 hours) 350€
NB. Discounts for recurrent rentals.

Room First Floor

  • Size: +/- 80 m2.
  • Maximum capacity: 30 people standing or sitting.
  • Permanent equipment: sprung floor, mirrors
  • Installation: simple audio console with 2 speakers, mixing console, CD player, cable to connect laptop…
  • Additional possibilities: 2 folding tables for 15 persones each, 30 folding chairs.
  • WC nearby, but bar/kitchen are far away (on the ground floor).
  • This room has day light (no party lighting).


until 3 hours 105€
half a day (until 6 hours) 200€
full day (until 8 hours) 300€
NB. Discounts for recurrent rentals.


NB. Ask for a quote, as these prices may vary according to availability. For example, if one of the rooms is occupied, the other can be rented at a lower price (due to less heating, travel, etc.).

Party and event animation

The rooms in La Tangueria are beautifully decorated in tango-style (paintings, photos, ornaments, etc).

If you wish, we can spice up your event with a tango animation, such as:

NB. we can provide other dances also, thanks to our various colleagues in Brussels: salsa, swing/lindy hop, folk…
Contact us for more information or a quotation.

Practical information

Click here for details on rental conditions, hours, payment, responsibilities, volume of the music, cleaning, etc.



Do you have questions or a special request? Mail to or call us at +32 (0) 479 22 86 98.



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La Tangueria
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