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Programme 2023

Dates: Wednesdays 12/7, 26/7, 9/8, 23/8, 30/8

a) 19h00-20h30 Tango fundamentals
> 12/7, 19h: Kinetics and aesthetics of tango: posture, axis, foot and leg work, comfortable abrazo, efficient connection, followers’ crossing
> 26/7, 19h: Caminata technique and variations: from parallel to crossed system, changing sides, sacada vs. followers’ crossing
> 09/8, 19h: Ochos technique and variations: guiding ochos adelante and atrás, dissociations and associations, spirals, axis, balance, aestetics
> 23/8, 19h: Paradas technique and variations: stops and passages of paradas and mordidas on the followers’ adelante and atrás steps, embellishments, playful games
> 30/8, 19h: Rebote technique and variations: work on different types of rebounds, such as ocho cortado, rebote, cunita, amague, chacha

> 20€ per class (90 minutes) per person, or 80€ pp for all 5 classes (4+1 free).

b) 20h45-22h Vals, Volcaditas, Milonga & Neotango

> 12/7, 20h45: Vals porteño rhythmic interpretations
> 26/7, 20h45: The elasticity of the embrace: leading and following inside the embrace, without using the arms vs how to use the frame to limit the space, to fine-tune the timing…
> 09/8, 20h45: Volcaditas small steps with shared axis
> 23/8, 20h45: Milonga must-know steps
> 30/8, 20h45: Neotango elements

> 18€ per class (75 minutes) per person, or 72€ pp for all 5 classes (4+1 free).
RESERVATION (required)
> via (minimum 5, maximum 12 couples).
If you search a partner, put an ad on our facebook group:
The workshops will take place in La Tangueria (ground floor)
239 Chaussée de Jette
1080 Brussels (Metro Simonis/Elisabeth)


Do you have questions or a special request? Mail to or call us at +32 (0) 479 22 86 98.



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La Tangueria
Chaussée de Jette 239
B-1080 Brussels
Metro Simonis

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