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Noche de tango (2022)

>16h45: 2 tango workshops by the teachers of La Tangueria, one for beginners (initiation, 60 minutes, 5€ pp) and one for experienced dancers (90 minutes, 15€ pp).
> 20h-21h15: concert and tango show by the orchestra Camilo Cordoba Ensemble 22 with 2 dance couples on scene (La Tangueria).
With Lysandre Donoso (bandoneón) | Pablo Woiz (piano) | Rodrigo Beraldi (violin) | Santiago Quagliariello (contrabass) | Camilo Córdoba (guitar & artistic direction).
Dancers: Marisa van Andel, Oliver Koch, Flavia Morari, Gaetan Collaert.
> 21h30 (till 23h): milonga voor everybody.
La Tangueria offers a limited number of FULL PASS for couples at the special price of 60€ (30€ pp), including: the tango workshop for experienced dancers (duration 1h30), the concert with tango show (duration 1h15), and the post-show milonga (duration 2h30)

Azen (2014)


  • Theatre, live music and dance performance
  • Director: Dimitri Leue
  • Actors: Lotte Pinoy, Nico Sturm, Bas Teeken, Lukas De Wolf, Evgenia Brendes
  • Choreography & lead dance: Marisa van Andel & Oliver Koch
  • Solo dancers: Karolien Loriers & Tom De Voght
  • 10 couples of amateur tango dancers


In 2010, Marisa & Oliver were guest choreographers for the famous Flemish TV Series Witse (VRT). The episode about a homicide in a tango school, was partly filmed in La Tangueria, with Marisa & Oliver in a supporting role and many students as figurants. Along with the main character, Hubert Damen, Dimitri Leue and Lotte Pinoy were the lead actors.

As a result of this successful collaboration, first Hubert Damen invited Marisa & Oliver to create together the show Estrellas del Sur (2011), and subsequently Dimitri Leue asked them to join him for the creation of Azen (2014).

Azen is a Flemish remake of Shakespeare’s Othello, a masterpiece about how jealousy, like a poison, can get into someone’s mind. Tango plays a main part to illustrate the play of attraction and rejection. Azen was created and performed about 20 times in Het Paleis Antwerpen. 

“Azen is a flamboyant ‘deathdance of jealousy’ that exudes the searing of the tango. (…) Especially stunning as played by Nico Sturm as Jago, Lotte Pinoy as Jago’s wife Emilia, Bas Teeken as Othello, Evgenia Brendes as Desdemona and Lukas Wolf as Casio. The highlight = the mating tango  between Othello and Desdemona.” (Knack, 2014)

Estrellas Del Sur (2011)


  • Live concert, poetry reading and tango dance
  • Directors: Alain Roelant and Hubert Damen
  • Live music: Camerata con cor(d)e, Claudio Constantini, Jean Vanderschueren
  • Choreography and dance: Marisa van Andel & Oliver Koch

estrellas_1024x580Shortly before his death, music conductor of the string ensemble Camerata Con Cor(d)e, Alain Roelant, worked out the idea, together with his friend, actor Hubert Damen, to create a performance on Spanish and South American music and poetry. They invited Marisa & Oliver as solo dancers in the show.

Estrellas del sur was a vibrant, passionate and at the same time intimate programme in which original music for string orchestra alternated and became closely related to tango music.

Bailame (2009)


  • Live concert and tango dance
  • Music arranged and played by: Quinteto Quilombo
  • Choreography and dance: Marisa van Andel & Oliver Koch and Birkit Wildenburg & Muzaffer Demiray

 The tango performance Bailame was a sort of remake of the best choreographies created for the show Ensueños a few years earlier. On stage the 5 personalities of the collective melted together in a compelling groove with the 4 dancers. Bailame brought the tango closer to the public.The show toured through Belgium from 2009 till 2011.

Impressions on stage

Motivo de tango (2009)


  • Live music and tango dance
  • Music arranged, composed and played by: Quinteto Zárate
  • Choreography and dance: Marisa van Andel & Oliver Koch and Birkit Wildenburg & Muzaffer Demiray

Besides arrangements of famous tangos, Motivo de tango contained a large number of new tangos composed by the Dutch ensemble Quinteto Zárate themselves. That challenged the dancers to a new perspective on movement; tango melted with contemporary and jazz movements. Motivo toured in Belgium and The Netherlands in 2009.

Impressions on stage

Orfeus en de Hellehond van de Hades (2005)


  • Theatre play with live music and tango dance
  • Director, singer and lead actor: Frank Groothof
  • Music arranged and played by: Quinteo Zárate
  • Choreography and dance: Marisa van Andel & Oliver Koch or Birkit Wildenburg & Muzaffer Demiray

Enthusiastic and moved by the performances in the show Ensueños de tango in 2004, the Dutch theatre director and actor Frank Groothof got inspired to include tango in his next performance Orpheus en de Hellehond van de Hades; an arrangement for children of the Greek myth Orfeo ed Euredice. He invited Marisa & Oliver and Birkit & Muzaffer as choreographers and lead dancers, and the musicians of Quinteto Zárate to play the music on stage. Orpheus toured very successfully with 40 performances all over The Netherlands.

The melancholy of tango, the beauty of a perfect dance duo, the humorous talent of Frank Groothof and a brilliant story. Everything comes together in Groothof‘s new show ‘Orpheus en de hellehond van de Hades’ …A performance where everything falls into place and every word and musical note has a function. A pleasure to watch and listen.” (Noordhollands Dagblad, 12/12/2005)

Impressions on stage

Ensueños de tango (2003)


  • Live music and tango dance
  • Music arranged, composed and played by: Quinteo Zárate
  • Choreography and dance: Marisa van Andel & Oliver Koch and Birkit Wildenburg & Muzaffer Demiray

Ensueños de tango was the first important show that Marisa & Oliver created together with their Dutch colleagues Birkit Wildenburg & Muzaffer Demiray, and the musicians of the Dutch ensemble Quinteto Zárate. They choreographed and danced a series of solo tango’s, valses and milongas, ad well as several choreographies for the 2 couples together. Ensueños toured successfully from 2003 till 2008 through The Netherlands and Belgium, with a few performances also in Germany and Sweden. It was also the inspiration for the Belgian show Bailame, a few years later.

“They have worked hard to make the show more than just a band with loose dance performances. The tracks and the choreographies are in union without becoming narrative. The impressions are beautiful. The orchestra is slightly enlightened and plays on a small stage, the dancers stand in simple but beautiful outfits in the foreground. Sometimes only one couple, but also often the two pairs at the same time. No cliché brothels and stilettos. There is no whining, but beautiful music with beautiful dancing.” (La Cadena, 2004)

Impressions on stage

One-day performances

babelMarisa & Oliver also participated, throughout their career, in many shows that were performed once. For the European day they danced in Babel tango to European songs in front of the Berlaymont building.

Thanks to the international Brussels Tango Festival they had the opportunity to dance several editions on the prestigious stage of the Brussels’ Grand Place, next to the world leading tango couples and orchestras (Solo Tango, Hyperion…).

In other occasions, they danced to the live music of Alfredo Marcucci’s Veritango, the New York Tango Trio, Los Reyes del Tango, Cuarteto Cedrón, Mosalini and other leading orchestras.

Marisa & Oliver danced in several open air tango shows. These events require improvisation exhibitions, which are Marisa & Oliver preferred way of doing demonstrations.

One day shows on stage featuring Marisa & Oliver:

  • Pas de deux! (Lux), 2017: concert of the orchestra Tango 02  with dancing on stage.
  • Bal du Bourgmestre de Berchem Sainte Agathe (B), 2016: concert of the orchestra Tango 02 with dancing on stage.
  • Babel tango at Berlaymont building Brussels (B), 2014: tango show for the European day, dancing to European tangos.
  • Tango au Théâtre 140 Brussels (B), 2006: tango show with actors Sandrine Laroche and Gilles Nicolas, live music by Cuarteto Cedrón.
  • Spettacolo di tango in Osimo (I), 2004: open air tango show inwith dancers Annalisa Di Luzio & Tobias Bert.
  • Tango Pasión, Concertgebouw Brugge (B), 2004: tango show with Alfredo Marcucci, Sexteto Veritango and Juan José Mosalini and his ensemble and dancers Jorge Rodriguez & Maria Filali.
  • Druivenfestival Hoeilaart (B), 2004: tango show with dancers  Birkit Wildenburg & Muzaffer Demiray and Quinteto Zárate
  • Un Mare di Tango, Porto di Genova (I), 2004: open air tango show to live muziek with dancers Pasquale Bloise & Emmanuelle, Alejandro Angelica and others.
  • Spettacolo di tango, San Vito lo Capo (I), 2004: open air tango show with dancers Fernando Serrano & Martha Giorgi and Ricardo Gallo & Carla Maria Paz.
  • Aktueel Denken en Leven, Stadsschouwburg Mechelen (B), 2002: tango show on stage with Cuarteto Tango al Sur.
  • Festival van Vlaanderen, Vismarkt Brussels (B), 2002: tango show on stage before the concert of Gidon Kremer.
  • Sproken, Theater Het Net Brugge (B), 2001: tango performance in a multidisciplinary show directed by Josse De Pauw with trio Veritango and Alfredo Marcucci.
  • Dinner-show Babalù, New York (USA), 2001: tango show in the Argentine restaurant  Babalù in New York with the New York Tango Trio band.
  • Spettacolo di tango in Piazza, Pianoro (I),  2000: open air tango show with dancers Patricio Lolli & Amaray Cochero.
  • Aktueel Denken en Leven, CVA Brussels (B), 1999: tango performance on stage in combination with a concert by Laïs.
  • Tango show in de VUB (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), 1999: tango performance on stage with the band Sexteto Oblivion.


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