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In this 2-part summer workshop, the teachers of La Tangueria will give you the tools you need to dance tango on the (crowded) dance floor:
> tandas, cortinas, mirada/cabeceo, dance lines, how to enter, the first step…: the essential codes and rules for the ball
> sequences and figures essential to start dancing on the dance floor in tango, vals and milonga. Rebotes, changes of direction, suspensions, pauses, stops, elements to circulate on a crowded dance floor.
This workshop is primarily intended for tangonauts who have recently started taking tango classes at La Tangueria or in another tango school, and who have had at least 15 classes. It is also interesting for more advanced dancers who are not yet used to dancing in milongas.
The course is divided into 2 parts of 2 hours (with a break after the 1st hour). It is recommended to participate in both parts, but it is also possible to participate in only one day.
Price: Full workshop of 4 hours: 50€ pp
1 day only: 30€ pp
NB. Participants of the full workshop who would like to review the basics get a 25% discount on the Discovery workshop on 23 and 24/7 from 6pm to 7:30pm.

Reservation is required via

In need of a partner? Send your height, age, languages to, and put an ad on the La Tangueria partner search group.

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