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Introductions into tango

We provide short introductions into tango of 15 to 30 minutes. The participants don’t need any kind of previous experience, nor preparation. They can already be in couples or we combine ad hoc dancing partners, which can also be people of the same gender. No need to wear special dancing shoes, and people can be dressed in their daily office or leisure clothes. In a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere, we propose a series of exercices that will give an idea about how the tango connection works.

Tango initiations

A tango initiation usually lasts between 45 and 60 minutes. In addition to the first exercices we give in the introduction, we teach a real figure of the Argentine tango repertory to absolute beginners: cuadrado, parada, mordida

Workshops for artists

_MG_6317(90)For groups who are already familiar with body work (dancers, actors, circus acrobats…), we propose more in-depth introductions of 2 to 5 hours, in which we put more emphasis on the typical tango connection and improvisation tools. We incite the body intelligence of the participants by working specifically around the structural, architectural and logical aspects of tango.

Seminars for corporate events

Argentine tango dancers learn to develop a rich variety of non verbal tools for communication and leading and following. As such, a tango discovery workshop can be a surprising and welcome part of a corporate event, a party, a team building… In a serious, yet relaxed workshop lasting 2 to 5 hours, we propose several themes about connecting, leading, taking initiative, intention, occupying and exchanging space, moving together with the flow, improvisation, creativity. These inspiring seminars are highly entertaining and at moments hilarious… or how a tango workshop leads to management success.

Practical information

  • A tango introduction or initiation requires an average space of 1 m² per participating couple.
  • We can provide a tailor-made space for up to 15 couples in our venue La Tangueria.
  • Most introductions and workshops are completed by a tango exhibition.

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