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La Tangueria offers one of its famous discovery workshops on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 July 2022, from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm.
These Discovery workshops Argentine Tango is for absolute beginners, re-starters or dancers wishing to learn the other role.
2 x 90 minutes of classes to discover the basics of real Argentine Tango, as danced in the milongas of Buenos Aires.
summer in the city
Price: early bird registration (until 22/7): 35€ pp for 2×90 min. (25€ pp for half a workshop, 1×90 min.)
Because a minimum of 6 couples is required for the workshop to take place, and the maximum number of places is limited to 12, registration is required through the registration form or by mail to

NB. The first part of the workshop, on 23/7 from 18h to 18h45, is also a free trial. After this trial, participants who did not register for the full workshop yet can leave the room or stay if they wish to participate in the rest of the workshop and pay 40€ pp (5€ extra charge for last minute registration).

In need of a partner? Send your height, age, languages to

> Participants of the discovery workshop will be able to join directly the level 1A course in September, on Wednesday at 20h30.


Next series Level 1 as of September
TUESDAY 19h10-20h20
WEDNESDAY 19h10-20h20
SUNDAY 17h-19h (2x/month)
Dates, hours, prices:

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Do you have questions or a special request? Mail to or call us at +32 (0) 479 22 86 98.



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La Tangueria
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