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Full option tango events

After 20 years experience in organising events and giving exhibitions in all kinds of circumstances, you can rely on our professional and serious approach.

We organise A-to-Z events for companies and private parties that reproduce the atmosphere of a real Argentine milonga.

Ideally, these events take place in our venue La Tangueria, where we benefit of a tango-ish decoration, but other locations can be equally adapted. From the venue to the (live) music, from a show to an initiation, we can provide it all.


  • 1, 2 or 3 sets of 30 minutes live music by a professional tango ensemble, or original tango music played in tandas by a professional tango DJ
  • an introduction (15 > 30 minutes) or an initiation (30 > 60 minutes) for the guests by our teachers
  • a tango exhibition (15 > 45 minutes) or show by a professional tango couple

Tango exhibitions

For more limited time slots, budgets and spaces, we provide tango demonstrations of a duration of about 15>30 minutes. Accompanied by a tango ensemble playing live music or to recorded music, a professional tango couple will propose :


  • one tango choreography with a high show content
  • an improvised tango de salón theme, as it is danced in the traditional milongas worldwide
  • a tango fantasía (mix of close embrace and show elements)
  • one dance to vals porteño (the more rhythmical waltz version derived of tango argentino)
  • a milonga

For special occasions, we can also provide a more spectacular tango show, with choreographies danced together by 2 tango couples. For a more cute show, Oliver Koch also proposes a performance with his 10 year old daughter Alena.

For more information, availability, or a quotation, please contact us.

Tango introduction

To spice up an event, and to loosen the atmosphere, together with a tango exhibition, we often provide a tango introduction also, in which we teach the participants of a corporate event or the guests of a private party a figure of the Argentine tango repertory.

> Click here for an overview of our previosu clients for tango animations.


Do you have questions or a special request? Mail to or call us at +32 (0) 479 22 86 98.



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