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Oliver’s style of DJ-ing

Oliver plays highly danceable music in traditional tandas of 3 or 4 themes by the same orchestra from about the same period. He uses mostly music from the golden age (1935 to 1945), but also likes to use Guardia Vieja, as well as more modern themes.

He likes to play a variety of different styles and alternates fast and energetic tandas with elegant, smooth, slow and poetic passages. According to the trends he notices on the pista, he will propose more melodic tango de salón sets, or rather opt for rhytmical orchestras for the lovers of the milonguero style.

He has an important collection of particularly danceable and playful milongas and vals porteños. Oliver always has an original theme in his repertoire that will surprise the crowd, and he enjoys making the dancers smile with original and unexpected cortinas and alternative music.

DJ Oliver also plays tango for other audiences, such as in a theatre foyer after a tango concert or show, at corporate events, for radio sets….

DJ Oliver at your event?

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