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  1. SYMPTOM-FREE. All participants declare they feel healthy and are free of symptoms (cough, fever, body aches, loss of smell or taste, respiratory difficulties, etc.).
  2. STAY AT HOME IF YOU HAVE SYMPTOMS ASSOCIATED WITH COVID-19. Missed days can be caught up later this semester. If you want to catch up a missed class in another group, please check the availability before by sending a mail to at least 24 hours before.
  3. WASH AND DISINFECT YOUR HANDS OFTEN:  upon arrival and before dancing with your partner or teachers. Multiple hand disinfectants will be available around the room.
  4. COMPULSORY FACE MASKS. Wearing a face mask is required outside and inside, until the class starts (bar, toilets, courtyard…) and also if you follow the class with a partner who is not (yet) in your bubble. If your dancing partner is part of your bubble, you can dance without a mask.
  5. COME EARLY to allow time to wash your hands, change shoes, warm up, etc. La Tangueria opens at least 20 minutes before class begins.
  6. NO PARTNER CHANGES will be proposed by the teachers in the classes for now. You are free to change partners if you want at your own responsibility. For those who take several classes a week with different partners, please be extra careful to protect yourself and your partners from possible contamination.
  7.  THE TEACHERS WHEN THEY DANCE WITH YOU will wear a face mask. Please inform us if you prefer feedback from a distance without physical contact.
  8. KEEP YOUR DISTANCE and avoid handshake greetings, hugs or kisses. Maintain distance when entering or exiting the building, waiting in line for the bathrooms, dancing on the dance floor, socialising during the break.
  9. VENTILATION/ The rooms have over 3 meter-high ceilings and will be ventilated during class and breaks with an exhaust-only ventilation system and natural air flow from open windows and doors.
  10. The NUMBER OF COUPLES has been reduced to 12 couples per class.
  11. CONTACT TRACING. Your names, email addresses and telephone numbers will be kept to contact you if needed. Should you test positive for COVID-19, please contact us immediately.
  12. RISK. Participation is at your own risk. We are not responsible for losses due to cancellation, health issues, travel, accommodation, quarantine lockdowns, etc. We reserve the right to cancel the classes at any time. If the classes are cancelled by us, you will be able to transfer the value of the cancelled hours to a future series.
  13. CANCELLATIONS BY THE PARTICIPANTS less than one week before the start of the series will not be refunded. The number of missed classes can be caught up within the same series. In exceptional cases, after consultation and agreement of the organizers, lessons can be made up in the following series (as extra lessons).

We thank you for your understanding in these exceptional and very difficult times.


Do you have questions or a special request? Mail to or call us at +32 (0) 479 22 86 98.



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La Tangueria
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