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Choreographies for weddings, theatre plays, private events…

Over the years, Marisa & Oliver have choreographed many tangos for dancers (professional and amateurs), actors and circus artists. But the teachers of La Tangueria regularly create choreographies also for couples who don’t have any dancing experience yet, to create a romantic and spectacular Argentine tango as opening dance for a wedding for example.

It takes about 10 hours of private classes to teach absolute beginners a tango choreography from A to Z, including typical tango steps and figures, and some more spectacular lifts and poses.

If you are interested, contact us for a quotation.

Choreographies for professionals

Together with their Dutch colleagues Birkit Wildenburg & Muzaffer Demiray, Marisa & Oliver choreographed several tango shows with live music in which they were also featured as dancers:

They also created tangos for several outstanding artists in Belgium and abroad; for theatre plays, dance performances, TV shows, video clips, advertisements…

Theatre directors

azenMarisa & Oliver were the choreographers and lead dancers in 3 creations they made in close collaboration with theatre or movie directors and actors:

  • Dimitri Leue: theatre, dance and live music performance Azen created for Het Paleis in 2014, with lead choreographers and dancers Marisa & Oliver in alternation with Karolien Loriers & Tom De Voght.
  • Hubert Damen: poetry, live music and dance performance Estrellas del Sur, created in 2012 with Alain Roelant, with Marisa & Oliver as solo dancers and choreographers.
  • Frank Groothof: theatre, live music and dance performance Orfeus en de Hellehond van de Hades, created in 2010 with choreographers and lead dancers Marisa & Oliver alternated with Birkit Wildenburg & Muzaffer Demiray.

For more information on these performances, refer to the shows page.

Contemporary choreographers

fabreSeveral renown choreographers also appealed for Marisa & Oliver’s expertise to introduce Argentine tango in their performances:
  • Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker: in dance-theatre performance I said I created by Rosas in 1999, Oliver Koch danced a tango with Marta Coronado.
  • Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui: in the performance Rien de Rien created in 2000, dancers Jurij Konjar and Marie-Louise Wilderijckx danced a tango taught by Marisa & Oliver.
  • Jan Fabre: in the reconstruction of 2013 of Troubleyn’s performance of 1984 De macht der theaterlijke dwaasheden, 2 male dancers perform a tango choreographed by Marisa & Oliver.

Programmers of TV entertainment shows

zohra_kIn 2006, Marisa & Oliver were selected as choreographers for the Argentine tango discipline for the TV show on VT4 Let’s Dance, in which Belgian VIPs competed against each other in different dance styles. They created tango’s for Filip Meirhaege, Herr Sele, Anne-Marie Gilis, and renown actress, singer and DJ Zohra, who after she won the show made the following declaration about her tango experience:
The best memory… was to my surprise the tango that I gave at best with my partner Arend. That was a totally new experience, so I learned to dance in a different and more controlled way. I definitely want to continue with the tango” (Zohra in Het Nieuwsblad, 22/3/2006).

A few years later, Oliver created and danced a tango on VTM with actress and presenter of the TV show Sterren op de Dansvloer, Francesca Vanthielen (who also is a tango student of Marisa & Oliver).

Director of TV series

In 2010, the biggest TV series ever broadcast on VRT, Witse recruited Marisa & Oliver to create and teach a tango choreography to lead actors Dimitri Leue and Lotte Pinoy.
witse1The episode was filmed in La Tangueria, with Marisa & Oliver and several of their students in side roles. This encounter with the main characters would lead to the collaborations a few years later for the shows Estrellas del Sur and Azen.

> Trailer of Witse, episode Paso dramatico
> Download the episode of Witse, Paso dramatico

Singers and music bands

dezetangoIn 2017, Marisa & Oliver were the back stage dancers onDe Vlaamse Top 10 (broadcast on Ment TV) for the duo Duende Doble in their single Een laatse nacht.
In 2015, Marisa & Oliver danced in the video clip of the single Deze Tango, by Michael Lanzo, who had won the TV show Belgium’s got talent in 2013.
Video clip Een laatse nacht
> Video clip Deze Tango

Producers of TV advertising clips

telenet6In 2003, Marisa & Oliver were selected to choreograph and dance a tango with some of their students in 2 advertisement spots for the telecom company Telenet. The spots were broadcast on all Flemish TV channels.
> TV spot Telenet 1
> TV spot Telenet 2

confedcupIn 2005, Marisa & Oliver were again recruited to dance a few tango steps in a TV spot for Flemish TV, this time it was to announce the international soccer Confederation Cup.

> TV Spot Confederation Cup

Photo fashion shoot

le-soirIn 2015, Marisa & Oliver, artists invited at the Brussels Tango Festival, participated in a photo fashion story for the main French-speaking daily newspaper Le Soir.


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