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Pre-milonga workshops

During the school year, Marisa & Oliver mostly give a workshop before the start of the regular milongas. We alternate a variety of thematic workshops with seminars on more technical aspects and research laboratories about improvisation tools or musicality. Some workshops are for a specific level, but often the themes are intended both for tangueros with basic experience, as well as for more advanced dancers, who get personalised feedback to work more in-depth on the given subject.

Price: 17€ pp (90 min.). Participants get a discount for the milonga afterwards (3€ instead of 7€ pp).
Because the number of places is limited, the reservation is required via the online registration form.

Upcoming pre-milonga workshops:

Sunday 23/04, 15:30 > 17:00 Neo tango elements
Sunday 14/05, 15:30 > 17:00 Kinetics & aestetics of the tango
Milonga with Alberto Germanó & vinyls
Sunday 28/05, 15:30 > 17:00 Volcaditas & volcadas
Sunday 11/06, 15:30 > 17:00 Sacadas forward for leader and follower
Saturday 17/06, 18:30 > 20:00  Combinations of barridas & ganchos
Sunday 25/06, 15:30 > 17:00 Neo tango elements

Coaching sessions

To respond to a specific need of more personalised feed-back, Marisa & Oliver launched the concept of tango coaching sessions: an original approach half-way between a private class and a group workshop, organised on weekends during the daytime or before our milongas. In these coachings, we work with a maximum of 6 couples to be able to give more personal corrections to each of them. Although we start by proposing a movement or concept to the group so that everybody can get started, the aim of the sessions is rather to coach the participants in their own tango. Like in a private class, we work on posture, connection, leading/following, technique refinement, etc. rather than teaching a complex figure. Participants can also propose a theme they would like to work. Coaching sessions are for all levels, a minimum of 6 months tango is required.

Price: 30€ pp (90 min.).
Because the number of places is limited, the reservation is required via

Upcoming coaching sessions:temp

Saturday 22/04, 16:30 > 18:00
Saturday 27/05, 16:30 > 18:00
Sunday 18/06, 15:30 > 17:00

Intensive weekends

Several times per year, we propose intensive workshops on a variety of themessuch as ladies technique, back to basics, or to work on specific subjects such as musicality, milonga, improvisation tools… For absolute and initiated beginners check our discovery weekends.

In these intensive weekends, we work in-depth during 2 sessions. According to the duration of the seminar, there sometimes is a break for drinks and cake.

Prices: 30€ pp (2 x 90 min.) or 60€ pp (4 x 60 min.).
Because the number of places is limited, reservation is required via the online registration form.

Summer workshops

In July and August, La Tangueria organises workshops for all dancers who want to continue to improve their tango skills also during the summer break. There are workshops about technique, on specific themes (barridas, rebotes, sacadas… ) and on musicality (vals porteño, milonga).

Price: 16€ pp (90 min.). Discounts are proposed for those who take more than one workshop in a series.
Because the number of places is limited, the reservation is required via the online registration form.

Workshops outside La Tangueria

temp2In addition to the yearly tango holidays in Northern Italy, Marisa & Oliver are also regularly invited to give workshops at festivals and events organised by tango schools in Belgium and abroad.

We propose workshops about many different technical aspects, we can use sequences of tango de salón, tango fantasia, estilo milonguero, neo tango… We put the focus on musicality, or on improvisation tools, milonga, vals… we teach in English, French, Dutch, Italian, German and Spanish.

Are you interested in a workshop at your event? Contact us.

Private classes

If you wish to get personal corrections about your dance, we advise to first try the coaching sessions, that offer extensive personal feed back and corrections to a maximum of 6 couples per session, at a lower price than a private class.

Nevertheless, you can also apply for individual lessons. Private classes are especially useful for tangueros living abroad, very advanced dancers and professionals who have outgrown the group classes, as well as couples who need choreographies for stages, exhibitions, competitions, opening dances…

Prices depend on different criteria, therefore contact us for a quotation and to make an appointment.

Practical information

  • Unless stated otherwise, all activities take place in La Tangueria.
  • It takes 2 to tango, so you need to register with a partner (except for a private class). We can help you find one via the partner form.
  • All classes are in English and/or French; we also speak Dutch, Spanish, Italian and German.
  • Payments can be done upfront by bank transfer or the first day in cash. We don’t accept cheques, credit or bank cards.


Do you have questions or a special request? Mail to or call us at +32 (0) 479 22 86 98.



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