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Technique and Musicality online

The online sessions will be an individual work for all leading and following dancers, so no need to be in a couple, nor have a partner.
To take part, you just need a space of 2 m2, a floor on which you can pivot, a chair or a wall, and a good internet connection with Zoom.
Each sessions will be taught twice: on Tuesday in French and on Thursday in English.
The 6 sessions of 40 minutes will start at 8 pm on the following dates (the content on Tuesday and Thursday of the same week will be more or less the same).musicnotes

> Tuesday 20h (FR): 9, 16, 23/2 and 2, 9, 16/3
> Thursday 20h (EN): 11, 18, 25/2 and 4, 11, 18/3


Each online technique class will last about 40 minutes and will consist of 3 parts:
1) Musicality: theory and practice, analysis of an orchestra or an aspect of musicality…
2) Body work: footwork, legs, pelvis, torso, axis, balance, dissociations, etc.
3) Structures/sequences of tango steps: motricity, fluidity, speed, coordination, etc.


As we will only be able to properly track a limited number of people on our screen, the maximum number of participants who can log on in real time to a session will be limited to 12 individuals or couples per session. The participants who follow the course live via Zoom can ask for feedback and corrections. These 12 places will be allocated on first come-first serve basis. The reservation is required for each session via this document.
It is also on this  document that, on the morning of the Zoom class, we will post the link and password to log in for the session via
NB. If you are registered on the list, but unable to attend after reserving, please notify us as soon as possible and remove your name from the list immediately to allow someone else to log in instead of you.


It is also possible to follow the online class at another time at your convenience via a recording of the class that remains accessible during one month via a password that we will provide upon request.
It goes without saying that this password has to remain confidential and that it is forbidden to pass on recordings or passwords to third parties without our consent.
Those who follow the recorded courses can also send their questions for possible clarifications or personalized feedback. The online tecnica classes will be given o Tuesday in French and on Thursday in English.
Ask for a link to the recorded class via


Since these classes are considered a replacement of the missed técnica classes during the lock-down, the participation in these class is free of charge for those who paid a subscription of 45€ to the técnica sessions of the 1st semester in September 2020.
For all the other participants, the price is 7€ per session of 40 minutes, which can be paid per session, or for the whole series of 6 classes. The price is the same for those who connect in real time on Tuesday or Thursday, or if you watch the recorded class afterwards.


Do you have questions or a special request? Mail to or call us at +32 (0) 479 22 86 98.



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