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Nos photographes préférés

Nos remerciements vont aux photographes suivants basés en Belgique, qui ont mis à disposition leurs photos pour ce site.


Christian Fabris


Ellen Smeets


Peter Forret



Koen Hillewaert


Jean Pierre Battaille

3fashion show2014


Chaveau I Photography


Jean PIerre Van Loocke

Clips vidéo

Een Laatste Nacht
Vlaamse tango hit
by Duende doble
Ravels, 2017
> Interview Marisa & Oliver (NL)
Deze Tango
Vlaamse hit
by Michael Lanzo
Estar Bien, 2015
In una notte di fine estate
by Marco Di Stefano
La Tangueria, 2014

Spots TV

TV Clip Confederation soccer cup
Broadcast on Belgian TV in 2005
(Watch the Blooper!)

TV Clip Telenet 1
Broadcast on Belgian TV in 2003

TV Clip Telenet 2
Broadcast on Belgian TV in 2003


Alena Koch & Oliver Koch
Brussels Tango Festival 2016
Marisa & Oliver
Brussels Tango Festival 2015
 Marisa & Oliver
Improvisation in the Mirror Room of the Brussels Parliament, July 2016
Marisa & Oliver
Tango exhibition for Babel Tango 2014,  International Day of Europe in front of the Berlaymont building (Brussels)
Marisa & Oliver
Tango exhibition to Solo Tango at the Grand Place
Brussels Tango Festival 2014
Marisa & Oliver
Biezenmortel Tango Festival 2013 (NL)
Marisa & Oliver
Milonga exhibition in Lille 2013 (F)
Marisa & Oliver
Brussels Tango Festival 2010  
Marisa y Oliver
Hasselt Open Air Milonga 2009
Oliver and Marisa 1 at Hasselt Open Air Tango 2009
Marisa & Oliver
La Tangueria Student Party 2008 
Marisa y Oliver
Brussels Tango Festival 2008
 Olivier Koch Marisa Van Andel
Marisa y Oliver
Excerpts from Neo tango workshops 2008
 Neo Tango elements by Marisa y Oliver in La Tangueria
Marisa y Oliver
Washington DC (USA) TangoMarathon 2005
Tango improvisation
 Marisa van Andel & Oliver Koch DC Tango Marathon 2005
Marisa & Oliver
Milonga in Villa Strozzi, Firenze
Excerpt from improvisation in 2003
Marisa & Oliver / Birkit & Muzaffer
NRW Tanzhaus Düsseldorf
Excerpts from the show Ensueños de tango in 2003


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