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Trial classes

Before the start of a new series of weekly classes for beginners, we propose several trial lessons.
It is preferable to register in couples, but for the free trial classes you can also register as a single.
For a trial class, 2 ladies or 2 men can also participate together. happiness

Upcoming free trial classes: 

> Sunday 15/9 at 17:00:  La Tangueria

Price: the trial sessions organised by La Tangueria are free, but because the number of places is limited, registration is required through the registration form. For the initiations in the parks, there is no registration required. Everybody is welcome, alone or in couples.

If you wish to be informed about our future initiations (free trials, series, workshops), register for our intiations mailing list.

Weekly classes for beginners

New series of weekly classes for beginners start approximately 6 times per year. An introduction series counts mostly 5 classes. An optional 20-minute technique session is offered before or after class at 20:25. In these sessions the teachers work on body posture, abrazo, connection, balance, refinement, aesthetics …

The next initiation series of LEVEL 1 (initiation, absolute beginners) will start in La Tangueria Simonis on:

  • Monday 16/9 at 19:00. Price: 60€ pp for 5 x 70 minutes or 70€ including technique.
  • Wednesday 18/9 at 20:50. Price: 60€ pp for 5 x 70 minutes or 70€ including technique.
  • Sunday 13/10 at 16:30 (lessons of 2 hours every 2nd week including technique. Price: 95€ pp for 5 x 120 minutes (including technique)?

> Students and <26 years: 20% discount
> Shorter series are possible if there are places left.

NEW GROUP LEVEL 1 (initiation)
Dates La Tangueria Simonis:
Monday 19:00>20:10
(Technique: 20h25>20h45)
16, 23, 30/9
14, 21/10
NEW GROUP LEVEL 1 (initiation)
Dates La Tangueria Simonis:
Wednesday 20:50>22:00
(Technique: 20h25>20h45)
18, 25/9
9, 16, 23/10

13, 20, 27/11
4, 11/12

8, 15, 29/1
5, 12/2
NEW GROUP LEVEL 1 (initiation)
Dates La Tangueria Simonis:
Sunday 16h30>18h45
(with a break of 15 minutes.
Technique included).
13, 27/10
10, 24/11
  • Missed classes can be caught up in another group or a Discovery workshop.
    Registrations for less classes are possible as of 48h before start of the series, if there are places left (10€ is deducted per class less).
  • It is perfectly possible to join the group at the 2nd class. To join after the 2nd class, a small session to catch up can be organised beforehand.
  • Registration for a shorter series has to be mentioned at the moment of reservation.
  • A follow-up (Level 1A ) is proposed after the the first series.
  • More info under weekly classes.

Discovery workshops

If you want to discover tango in a nutshell, you can participate in one or more of our compact workshops. The programme of these Discovery sessions is each time different, as the teachers approach the basics of tango from different angles.
No tango experience is required to participate, but also those who already know some of the basics will discover in each edition new elements of the tango vocabulary. Our Discovery workshops are thus a valid alternative to learn tango also for those who don’t have the possibility to take part in a regular weekly class.
They are proposed in 2 x 90 minutes, over 1 or 2 days.

2 x 90 min.: 30€ pp. Students <25 years : 25€ pp. 1 part (90 min.) only (if available): 17€ pp. Discovery
We propose a Discovery workshops at a regular basis.

Next dates of Discovery workshops:facebook

Sunday 29/9 – 14:00>17:15.
Because the number of places is limited, registration is required through the registration form.

Practical information

  • Unless stated otherwise, all activities take place in La Tangueria.
  • It takes 2 to tango, so you need to register with a partner (except for the trial classes). We can help you find one via the partner form.
  • All classes are in English and/or French; we also speak Dutch, Spanish, Italian and German.
  • No dress code is required: wear your daily office or leisure clothes and shoes; for ladies high heels (4>8 cm) are optimal.
  • Payments can be done upfront by bank transfer or on the first day in cash. We don’t accept cheques, credit or bank cards.
  • If you wish to be informed about our future initiations (trials, series, workshops), register for our intiations mailing list.


Do you have questions or a special request? Mail to or call us at +32 (0) 479 22 86 98.



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