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Contemporary Dance

AliceTiezzi1Contemporary dance, as the name says, is the dance of our age. It’s the most recent evolution of ballet and modern dance, from which it resumes and transforms its technical items and the movement approach.

Contemporary dance offers as many shades as the number of choreographers and teachers that exist, as the personality and the peculiarity of each artist play a fundamental role in the definition of the way of moving and using the body and the space. However, there’s a common field for all the varieties of contemporary dance which is the study of weight, energy and intention of movement, the relationship to the floor, the research of a lively, meaningful gesture…

The exploration of the movement possibilities according to the principles of movement analysis have been developed during the last century by
Rudolf Laban, Irmgard Bartenieff and others.

Level beginners/intermediates

This class is open to anyone, but it remains a very structured technical one. Through an as-much-as-possible neutral and universal approach, it will let you learn or strengthen the basis elements of contemporary dance, improve your movement quality, develop your resistance, flexibility and body easiness, while finding the most effective way to move.

It’s the occasion to discover this discipline and the starting point to allow you to learn the contemporary style that you prefer.

La Tangueria – Room upstairs

Tuesday 18:00-19:15 – Dates of the classes 1st semester 2018/19:

> Subscription for 10 classes: 95€ pp
> 1 class à la carte: 12€ pp

Info and registrations:
Alice Tiezzi
+32 (0)477/752356



A pleasant journey through our body, in movement, to the music, in between the other bodies, which will lead us to a better knowledge of ourselves, of the Other, of ourselves in relation to the others. A dynamic experience, gentle and respectful of everyone’s rhythm and skills, nevertheless. Together we’ll learn (again) to play, to observe ourselves and our feelings and sensations, we’ll improve our self-consciousness while sharing a fun dancing experience. We’ll explore the limits of our comfort-zone, identifying and defying them, we’ll play with them and let them be an opportunity to meet the others on an unusual plan.

Dare to express yourself without technical restrictions, dare to find your own dance and let it evolve.

AliceTiezzi2One level for all

Alice will propose 3 series of six meetings during which she will explore six fundamental items of our relationship to the environment: space and kinesphère, weight an tonicity, rhythm and synchronisation.

This class if for dancers, actors, movers, experienced or beginners, who want to improve the mastering of their movement, postures and partnering skills by going back to fundamentals.

For those who are looking for a fun activity that moves emotions as much as muscles. For anyone looking for a physical practice that benefits the mind, for a mind-liberating experience
that goes through the body. For everyone ! Without limitations of age, experience, skills.

La Tangueria – Room upstairs

Wednesday 18:30-19:45 – Dates of first 3 series of classes 2018/19:

1st series:
2nd series:
3rd series: 


Card for 6 classes in a series: 60€ pp

Info and registrations:
Alice Tiezzi
+32 (0)477/752356


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