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Creating a choreography to a specific tango, will give us the opportunity to work on several interesting aspects of the dance, e.g.:
> Time & musicality (how to interpretate specific phrases in the music: rhythmic, fast, slow, melodic, canon, question/answer, syncopation, synchronicity..)
> Energy & quality of movements (working on precise lead and active response, aestetics, refinement, interpretation, adornos)
> Vocabulary & interpretation (discover new, original and sometimes complex tango movements, such as caminatas, giros, ornaments, sacadas, ganchos, boleos, alterations, cadenas…)
> Space: & spacement: learn how to manage the architecture of figures, to respect the front, to place on a choreography of a round floor or on a linear stage
> Memory & body intelligence (learn, remember and integrate longer sequences and how to dance them to the same notes every time).

The group will be limited to a maximum of 10 couples.
A minimum of 4 years regular tango practice is required.

Every class of 120 minutes will start and finish with 15 minutes practice/training, during which the participants will practice together and will be able to ask questions to the choreographers.

At the end of the school year, the participants will give a show of the choreography they created during the Student party or a milonga in La Tangueria.
The participants in the course will have the permission to dance and show the choreography in private and commercial environment (except for teaching them to people who did not participate in the choreo classes).



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